On a Particularly Beautiful Day

Author’s Note: This poem is well over a year old, but I’ve finally decided to post it. The reason why I’ve sat on publishing it is that it’s an extremely critical and harsh take on an ex whom, quite honestly, deserves a much harsher poem. My reason for not posting it was not that I didn’t like it, but because I was afraid of her finding it and reaching out. And as a superstitious person, I wasn’t about to risk it, not when I was in such a dark, heartbroken place in my life.

Also I have a couple of projects and pieces coming down the pipeline and they will be posted in good time, but until then, why not share some poetry for those with broken hearts?

Without further ado…


For miles – sand and sea

all the way down 2nd street to it’s natural end;

I ride with purpose.

Inhale the fear, exhale freedom.


You’re off working, grinding your teeth

into sand. I’m happy that you’re happy,

but we both know it’s a lie. I’m off on my own

now. Do you taste freedom too?


Stopping to taste liquid gold I stare

at all the happy couples and wonder

what our mistake was, in the end. Are we both to blame?

Taking a long sip, I raise my glass to you.


You got what you wanted. I’m gone.

I’m sad because you’re sad but we both

know you’re just lost. You’re doing your own

thing now. Do you see you’re at fault too?


I have never been more alone in my whole life,

but to think, a greater tragedy, you could’ve been my wife.


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