Fence Grade Smoke: One Year Later

Hello my humble audience. How are you? It’s been about five, maybe six months (I really have no idea, taking a stab here) since I last posted. I stopped because honestly, I was running out of ideas. And rants are fun until they’re just you bitching about topics and not bringing anything insightful to the table. In the time since that last post, and now, I’ve accomplished a bit offline. Wrote some great poems, wrapped up my first comic (which will be posted alongside this other one), traveled, and in general I feel that I “got my shit together.” Can’t say the same for this blog, and I do regret posting infrequently and with such lame content. I’m not putting myself down here, I’m just speaking the truth. As a (very) small content creator it’s hard to get your stuff out there, especially when vlogs are the new blog format. Grassroots beginnings are never easy, as is finding your voice or specialty.

I logged into Fence Grade Smoke tonight and, by pure coincidence, today is my one year anniversary! Which would be exciting except that Fence Grade Smoke has become a latent back burner where most of work, and voice, is workshopped. That was not the intent behind this blog, and that’s why I’m going to try and turn that corner with a fresh perspective. I’m not saying I’ll be posting frequently, nor infrequently – but more often, and with actual content. Sound good? Sure.

Part of my issue is that while I do appreciate the audience I have, most of you found me through tags or were already following me. It’s difficult to rise when I don’t have much to show and that is to the fault of my own, but I’m going to try and set new goals to drag me from the depression I’ve recently found myself in.

With that being said, I think that this first year, while experimental and sometimes exhilarating (like when I saw my highest rated post reach over twenty likes), I want to take this more seriously.

So, here’s a small game plan:

– New poem tonight

– First comic will be uploaded

– Fence Grade Smoke will have it’s own banner!! Look forward to that in the next couple of weeks.

– More comics.

– And lots more writing.

I just wanted to say, for those who actively check this blog, or follow me, or who are fans of my work, thank you so much. Every last bit of attention towards this blog, and subsequently my writing, helps tremendously. I hope someday to launch myself from my bedroom to the main stream, but until then, happy reading.

(Also I’m sorry for the messy, stream of consciousness tone of this post.)

Sources: Google Images.


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